FEEL VREE to pimp your reality!

When opportunities
turn into chances,
which again turn into realities
and become virtual realities…
Any questions?
The answer is: Virtual realities by GPIXS.
GPIXS. FEEL VREE to imagine!

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FEEL VREE to touch the sky!

From the idea through conceptualization and brand to VR implementation.

Resonance is the new code word that at least slightly decodes the phenomena of the present time. Networked with everything and everyone, we all try to regain our inner integrity and "resonate" with brands for emotional guidance through values. We also create our own online world. "If you want to fly, you have to be prepared to lose the ground underneath your feet...!"

That is exactly why we need stories. And a dialogue that portraits life. That can be repeatedly told. About which one can laugh. And associate with. And remember better. Preferably with a happy ending.
Experience the new Vreedom with GPIXS. From the idea through the conceptualization, strategic brand implementation and integration into a virtual reality. Up-close and exiting. Touching and all-embracing. Brands require feelings. We create them. From joy to happiness. And from friendship to a funny twinkle in the eye.

GPIXS. FEEL VREE to fly high and higher!


FEEL VREE to be celebrated!

App, website, player & Co.

Our creative process begins where reality ends. And our passion carries us into the virtual space, where almost everything is allowed. Anything goes. Anything flows. Anything in progress. GPIXS produces virtual content in all shapes, colors and functions.

Utilizing our own White Label App, which can be adapted to any corporate design, your 3D scans, 360° videos or mixed reality sequences can be made available in a professional and clearly structured way.

With the special, technologically state-of-the-art GPIXS Player content cannot only be displayed perfectly but also integrated directly into any website or online presentation.

GPIXS. FEEL VREE to think outside the box!

GPIXS. FEEL VREE to contact us!