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What it takes?
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GPIXS is your partner for virtual reality content.

We all strive to see the world through pink glasses as often as possible. This view makes life shine bright. It makes us think outside the box. So, what if we put on those glasses intentionally to gain an exciting new perspective? A perspective that elevates onto a new feeling of freedom? Through glasses, the VR or “Virtual Reality” glasses?

GPIXS is a creative and design agency specializing in the creation of virtual reality content. We are dedicated consultants, inspiring idea generators, visionary engines, future-oriented software nerds and die-hard VR pioneers. For more than 10 years, we have been eager to hear the digital grass grow, to make the virtual world an emotional experience and yet understandable and tangible at the same time. 

GPIXS. FEEL VREE to realize big ideas!


Cruise ship AIDAprima


Formula 1 race track Sakhir


Family ski area in Salzburg Lungau

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Ideas are only as valuable as the benefits they generate. Therefore, we focus on holistic solutions with entrepreneurial meaningful conceptualization and measurable milestone planning. We are driven by the passion for innovative, strategic brand-oriented and digital solutions and meaningful user experiences. Technologically always one step ahead, we are proud of our award-winning state-of-the-art performances. The GPIXS product range includes a wide variety of VR applications, from the initial idea through the conceptualization, strategic brand implementation and integration into the entire e-campaign:

  • 360° video, also as an image spot incl. idea, storytelling and production
  • 3D scans of buildings, rooms, outdoor areas etc.
  • 360° live streamings
  • Augmented reality projects
  • Mixed reality projects

GPIXS. FEEL VREE to speed up!