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Right in the middle of it – live

Who wouldn't like to see Robbie Williams live? The Vienna Philharmonic at the New Year's Concert? Or maybe the Champions League Final? So, what if “live" could suddenly be experienced up close and personal? And not only from the perspective of the cameraman, as known from TV - but right in the middle of it? GPIXS offers state-of-the-art Virtual Reality options for a totally new experience. The unique 360° live technology creates not only innovative perspectives, but completely new insights and panoramic views.

Face-to-face with celebrities 

GPIXS enables a very unique live streaming. And always in the desired, personal and individual way. Because the user doesn't just enter live and directly into live streaming with GPIXS technology. They can also choose the desired viewing angle or perspective themselves. With the groundbreaking 360-degree options, users can rotate around their own axis, zoom in and out and move to places, and thus pick the optimal picture detail as well as all additional information of interest on demand.  

Livestreaming on demand

Whether it is an opera recording, a sports event or a broadcasted speech of a well-known speaker, with "live streaming on demand", the user determines what exactly s/he wants to see. This makes it possible, for example, to always keep an eye on the same player during a tennis broadcast - or to follow the entire match. The individual user decides whether s/he wants to focus on the crowd or the artist at a concert. To link a payment system to the transmission gives the opportunity to stream content live at a fee.

GPIXS - the virtual pioneer

GPIXS first. Under the claim “FEEL VREE”, GPIXS has produced groundbreaking models in the virtual world for over 10 years. From interactive 360-degree tours to three-dimensional scan as a real depiction of prevailing conditions. From racetracks to hotels. And from the football stadium to the Salzburg Cathedral.


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