Feel VREE to present:

Indoor & Outdoor Objects

What if?

What if there was a little tower in the backyard for kids to play on? Or would you rather have a pool? If so, what size? Which sofa fits perfectly into the living room? What is the maximum size of the dining table? Numerous questions arise again and again when it comes to size, design, color or surface to fit into an indoor or outdoor setting. GPIXS’ countless state-of-the-art virtual reality options has the answer and offers many possibilities to implement an exact three-dimensional photoreal 3D model into the local conditions – live or unplugged. This helps in the decision-making process. 

Together we are VR

It's always about the combination of things – virtual object and prevailing conditions. Together they form a perfect picture of the potential realization of your customers' plans. Furniture as well as design or other objects can be added to the venue or desired room via scan and then be viewed with a smartphone or tablet.  

How to sell

Spatial imagination is one thing. A realistic simulation is the other. Through the implementation of various 3D models (illustrations of furnishing options or design variations) into one’s own house, customers do not only depend on their own imagination anymore but can experience different styles in a real environment. This helps them in their decision-making process to find the desired solution. This again simplifies the sales process, eliminated uncertainties and increases the emotional attachment to the product. 

GPIXS - the virtual pioneer

GPIXS first. Under the claim “FEEL VREE”, GPIXS has produced groundbreaking models in the virtual world for over 10 years. From interactive 360-degree tours to three-dimensional scan as a real depiction of prevailing conditions. From racetracks to hotels. And from the football stadium to the Salzburg Cathedral.

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