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  • Image Video
  • 360° Video

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360° videos: Right in the middle instead of just being there!

Those, who prefer their eyes being everywhere, are well-advised with a 360° video. These all-around videos not only combine an overall perspective at a high level of detail, but also elevate you onto high altitude. They offer the perfect opportunity to combine stories and emotions with an accurate depiction of the shooting location.

360° videos from GPIXS depict the interaction between participants and spectators at athletic, cultural and other events. The 360° view allows user to keep an eye on everything – on the smartphone as well as on the tablet or screen – at an ultimate picture quality, where users can interact and zoom in even to the smallest detail.
The integration of clickable points of interest forces interaction, where "Call to Actions" can be displayed to sell products or tickets, generate bookings, etc..

Potential applications for these videos, which are filmed with 360° capable state-of-the-art cameras, range from guided tours to image spots and event recordings.

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Cruise ship AIDAprima


Formula 1 race track Sakhir


Family ski area in Salzburg Lungau


Youth hotel at Obertauern

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3D Scans: The virtual room is real!

So-called 3D scans offer an exact representation of reality in a three-dimensional model. The newly developed GPIXS Hi-Tech system works with extremely high-resolution and efficiently, whereby a detailed 3D model is mapped from the precise photo measurement data.

The finished three-dimensional models can be viewed either through VR glasses or on a smartphone or tablet by displaying the panoramic view on the mobile device.
The viewer feels as if he or she is floating through the room. Therefore, these three-dimensional scans are perfectly suited for depicting locations, buildings, outdoor areas or other constructions in a photorealistic manner.
Especially entire race tracks, outdoor courses or large gardens and event areas can be perfectly mapped for the first time in a extraordinary way.

From now on, our scans can be easily integrated into any website and are available without long loading times.

Application areas:

  • Cruise ships
  • Hotel business
  • Company presentation for recruiting and training
  • Real estate
  • Meetings
  • Events

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Architecture &...

3D interior view

Austria House

Winter Olympics Pyeongchang 2018

Berg Alm Zeit App

Chalet village Fanningberg

Kar Collection

Largest private collection in the Arab world

FEEL VREE to beam yourself anywhere!

Augmented Reality: From reality to virtual reality!

Live and let live. Even better: grow and let grow. We are currently experiencing times of great counter-movements, of counter-trends and of true “contradictions”. Reality meets virtual reality. Online meets offline. And boundaries are becoming increasingly blurred. That's why we need orientation. Clarity. Security.

Augmented reality is the connection between real and virtual life. The virtual space begins and ends exactly where we want it to: on the smartphone or tablet. Through sophisticated, highly complex utilization of technology, it is possible to access the virtual space directly from the prevailing environment on the smartphone through a "door", and move freely around in there, either with VR glasses and eye control or by wiping the touch screen. Virtual content is thereby seamlessly embedded into reality.

The GPIXS team is passionate about all application areas and forms of “mixed reality”. The more diverse and exceptional the better.
“The world falls for the soft melodies of life!”

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Driving safety centre Schluesselfeld, Germany


Boeing 777 private jet

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Live streaming: right in the middle of the action from athletics to culture.

GPIXS is an agency of a new generation: real, authentic, straightforward - and 100% live. That's why we are going after the magic of the moment. Life is live - this is the motto. Capturing the power of the moment – not just on the sidelines, but in the middle of it all.
 "True freedom starts with a "V"!

With GPIXS' 360° Live Streaming, athletic events as well as concerts, theatre performances and all other events can be broadcasted live in a completely manner with the highest quality. By moving the smartphone or wiping the screen, the viewer can rotate around its own axis during the event and observe athletes, actors, spectators, coaches, etc. at close range in a way that has never been seen before. By zooming into the setting, detailed views are also possible.

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Sport and Art

360° Live-Streaming

Mojo Sixx

Live band with high music quality