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Real estate

Higher inspection quality

In the real estate industry arranging visits are time consuming. Above all, visits that both sides could potentially have saved. Because the apartment is too big, too small, too dark, not fashionable enough or just not adequately equipped. What to do? Those who represent the prevailing conditions as realistically as possible ahead of making an appointment, save valuable time and are therefore ahead of the game. GPIXS’ countless state-of-the-art virtual reality options offers many opportunities to depict relevant details and conditions of a property or apartment – live or unplugged, photorealistic and true to detail. The applications range from 3D models to virtual models of the actual building to providing detailed information and photos.

Viewing homes online

3D scans say more than pictures or even words. Therefore, GPIXS offers photorealistic three-dimensional models of houses, buildings and apartments as well as the most important areas such as the kitchen, living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, garden, patio etc. to convey a holistic impression of a property and get the potential customer excited from their living room at home. It can be accessed quickly and easily via the website, an app or through a link sent in an email. Users can navigate instantly through the rooms via TouchPad on the smartphone or tablet or via mouse-click when sitting on the desktop computer and enjoy a realistic feeling in advanced.

Content integration

Using so-called POIs, Points of Interest, additional content ranging from 360-degree videos to simple information, detailed photos and descriptions can be easily integrated at various points of the scans at any time. This animates the user to interact, which in return should lead to a "call to action”, which can be an inquiry or a contact.

GPIXS - the virtual pioneer

GPIXS first. Under the claim “FEEL VREE”, GPIXS has produced groundbreaking models in the virtual world for over 10 years. From interactive 360-degree tours to three-dimensional scan as a real depiction of prevailing conditions. From racetracks to hotels. And from the football stadium to the Salzburg Cathedral.

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