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The Formula 1 perspective

All racetracks worldwide represent a small world in itself. For example, there is the winding and action-packed circuit, which can be experienced from the driver's perspective through 360° videos. Media centers, lounges and other communication areas as well as karting- and side-tracks are also impressive. All these can be made available to visitors, partners, customers and teams by 3D photorealistic and true to detail scans. GPIXS’ countless state-of-the-art virtual reality options offers many opportunities for the visitors to experience the entire racetrack – live or unplugged. The applications range from 3D models to virtual models of the actual driving experience and three-dimensional scans of buildings and local conditions. All this is brought together in a practical app to access various topics – from the fastest lap to the Moto GP riding experience.

3D Models

Just get in and speed up? The Mixed Reality applications of GPIXS offer very realistic models.  Entire driving safety centers are scanned away from the brochure – and a realistic 3D model can be admired directly at the table. With simple clicks, the next step takes you directly into photorealistic 3D scans, in which you can move in real-time with the smartphone, tablet or through VR glasses. Also 360-degree videos can be controlled directly to offer solutions for various driving situations.

Three-dimensional scans

The detailed 3D models and three-dimensional scans from GPIXS allow all buildings and other construction measures around each racetrack to be displayed most accurately and thus be perceived by the user in a realistic manner.  Either through the Internet or app, it is possible to start online at any time.

360 degree videos

360 degree videos are integrated as POI's and can be controlled directly, which offer different driving situations from Formula 1 experience to motorcycle action.

GPIXS - the virtual pioneer

GPIXS first. Under the claim “FEEL VREE”, GPIXS has produced groundbreaking models in the virtual world for over 10 years. From interactive 360-degree tours to three-dimensional scan as a real depiction of prevailing conditions. From racetracks to hotels. And from the football stadium to the Salzburg Cathedral.

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